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Florida Attorney General Opinions (& Informal) which impact SAC
  1. AGO 2008-16 (April 8, 2008) School Advisory Council's composition
  2. AGO 2001-84 (December 13, 2001) regarding Sunshine Law penalties, school advisory committee. School advisory committee members are subject to criminal penalties for knowing violations of Sunshine Law

  3. AGO 99-46 (August 5, 1999) Fee for records provided to advisory council member

  4. AGO 2001-20 (March 20, 2001) E-mail as a public record and as a meeting

  5. AGO 2002-82 (December 11, 2002) Sunshine Law, participation by electronic means

  6. AGO 2001-66 (September 19, 2001) Sunshine Law, use of internet to conduct meeting 

  7. AGO Informal decision regarding Sunshine & sub-committees & agendas

  8. AGO Informal (March 14, 1994) Sunshine Law applies to members of a school advisory council who also serve as faculty members or school administrative officials or who are parents

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