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When you go to OnLine Sunshine you can find any bill by its number using the search capability on that page. When you get to the bill page it initially gives you the bill number, the sponsor, a brief synopsis, and opportunities to view the original bill (ie. HB 2017) and any later versions (i.e. HB 2017e1). You can see the amendments and the legislative staff analysis.

The later versions incorporate amendments to the bills that have been adopted in committee or on the floor. The "e1" tells you that it is a 'first engrossed' copy--meaning the adopted amendments are incorporated into the text, there may be several versions, e1, e2, etc.. When the listing shows "er" or sometimes just an "e" it mean 'enrolled'; this is the final text as adopted by the legislature that the Governor sees for signature, veto, or to let stand unsigned.

Every bill that makes it through committee must be read three different times on each floor, hence you get notes such as "second reading". HJ stands for House Journal and it gives the page in the house journal where you can find the floor history, etc. for that bill. The Senate Journal is SJ.

When you get to the opening page for each bill, at the top right is a "Guide to the Format of this page" button to explain what you see and gives references to other terms and information. When you go to the bill text, you can view it as a web page or PDF.

Note that all versions of the bill will be there, so choose carefully. Also note in the heading (showing sponsor(s)) you may see a companion (meaning similar), identical, comparable (same general content/intent with different or related language), or "linked" meaning the two (infrequently more) bills are a "package deal" and depend upon each other for passage.

This is not a comprehensive explanation and I hope it helps, not hinders, your review of legislative actions and records. 
                                          ~Andrea Willett, Office of School Improvement


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