Statute 1001.42 - School Improvement Plans

updated: 18 Apr 2015


  1001.42 Powers and duties of district school board.--


ENFORCEMENT OF LAW AND RULES.--Require that all laws and rules of the State Board of Education or of the district school board are properly enforced.


(a)  Adopt procedures whereby the general public can be adequately informed of the educational programs, needs, and objectives of public education within the district, including educational opportunities available through the Florida Virtual School.

(b)  Adopt rules to strengthen family involvement and empowerment pursuant to s. 1002.23. The rules shall be developed in collaboration with school administrators, parents, teachers, and community partners.

(c)  Develop and disseminate a parent guide to successful student achievement which addresses what parents need to know about their child's educational progress and how they can help their child to succeed in school.

(d)  Develop and disseminate a checklist for parents to assist parents in becoming involved in their child's educational progress.

(e) Encourage teachers and administrators to keep parents informed of student progress, student programs, student attendance requirements pursuant to ss. 1003.26, 1003.27, 414.1251, and 984.151, and availability of resources for academic assistance.


IMPLEMENT SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT AND ACCOUNTABILITY.—Maintain a state system of school improvement and education accountability as provided by statute and State Board of Education rule. This system of school improvement and education accountability shall be consistent with, and implemented through, the district’s continuing system of planning and budgeting required by this section and . ss. 1008.385, 1010.01, and 1011.01. This system of school improvement and education accountability shall comply with the provisions of ss. 1008.33, 1008.34, 1008.345, and 1008.385 and include the following:

a) School improvement plans.The district school board shall annually approve and require implementation of a new, amended, or continuation school improvement plan for each school in the district. If a school has a significant gap in achievement on statewide assessments pursuant to s. 1008.34(3)(b) by one or more student subgroups, as defined in the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), 20 U.S.C. s. 6311(b)(2)(C)(v)(II); has not significantly decreased the percentage of students scoring below satisfactory on statewide assessments; or has significantly lower graduation rates for a subgroup when compared to the state’s graduation rate, that school’s improvement plan shall include strategies for improving these results. The state board shall adopt rules establishing thresholds and for determining compliance with this paragraph.

(b) Public disclosure.—The district school board shall provide information regarding the performance of students and educational programs as required pursuant to ss. 1008.22 and 1008.385 and implement a system of school reports as required by statute and State Board of Education rule which shall include schools operating for the purpose of providing educational services to youth in Department of Juvenile Justice programs, and for those schools, report on the elements specified in s. 1003.52(19). Annual public disclosure reports shall be in an easy-to-read report card format and shall include the school’s grade, high school graduation rate calculated without GED tests, disaggregated by student ethnicity, and performance data as specified in state board rule.

(c) School improvement funds.—The district school board shall provide funds to schools for developing and implementing school improvement plans. Such funds shall include those funds appropriated for the purpose of school improvement pursuant to s. 24.121(5)(c).

(a) Adopt policies that clearly encourage and enhance maximum decisionmaking appropriate to the school site. Such policies must include guidelines for schools in the adoption and purchase of district and school site instructional materials and technology, the implementation of student health and fitness standards, staff training, school advisory council member training, student support services, budgeting, and the allocation of staff resources.
(b) Adopt waiver process policies to enable all schools to exercise maximum flexibility and notify advisory councils of processes to waive school district and state policies.
(c) Develop policies for periodically monitoring the membership composition of school advisory councils to ensure compliance with requirements established in s. 1001.452.
(d) Adopt policies that assist in giving greater autonomy, including authority over the allocation of the school’s budget, to schools designated with a grade of “A,” making excellent progress, and schools rated as having improved at least two grades.
  Updated:  Saturday, April 18, 2015

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