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  1. Does our school need a SIP?

  2. What needs to be in a SIP?

  3. Does the SIP need to contain performance indicators which are measurable?

  4. How do we start writing a school improvement plan (SIP)?

  5. Who approves of the SIP?

  6. Can SAC vote to have a two-year SIP & do we vote on it again next year?

  7. Where can I find new ideas or review on various educational strategies? 

  8. What does the law say about waivers and local decision-making? 

  9. How do I access my school's School Improvement Plan?

  10. FAQ regarding School Improvement Funds

  11. School Improvement Plan in simplified terms!

  12. FL Education Improvement Plans - FL school's SIPs - https://www.floridacims.org/ Continuous Improvement Management System (CIMS) was developed by the Bureau of School Improvement (BSI) to provide districts and schools with an online platform for collaborative planning and problem solving. The system has continued to expand and now includes: Data visualizations for needs assessment and goal development School and district improvement plans School Improvement Grant 1003(g) proposals Registration for BSI-hosted professional development opportunities Resources, tools and guidance to support continuous improvement

  13. FL CIMS re SAC webpage

  14. Florida Standards Assessments website:  www.FSAssessment.org 

  15. Where can I get more information on Differentiated Accountability (DA) State System of School Improvement pursuant to Section 1008.33, Florida Statutes

  16. Problem Solving - School Improvement from FL DOE

1.  Does our school need a school improvement plan (SIP)?

Depends...ss1001.42 states...SIPs are required for each school in the district which has a school grade of D or F; has a significant gap in achievement on statewide, standardized assessments administered pursuant to s.1008.22 by one or more student subgroups, as defined....


2.  What needs to be in a SIP (School Improvement Plan)?

Title XLVIII - 1001.42
(16)(a) "Each plan shall also address issues relative to budget, training, instructional materials, technology, staffing, student support services, specific school safety and discipline strategies, and other matters of resource allocation, as determined by district school board policy, and shall be based on an analysis of student achievement and other school performance data." and....(General Appropriations Act) Section 1 - Education Enhancement "Lottery" Trust

3.  Does the SIP need to contain performance indicators which are measurable?
Yes. General Appropriations Act -
" The improvement plan shall include performance indicators which are measurable." 


4.  How do we start writing a SIP (school improvement plan)?

You start by gathering data. Test scores, grades, absentee records, discipline data, School Advisory Report,  are all examples of data you may include and you may use other forms of data. This is a school based decision that your SAC may decide upon. The SAC comes up with a needs assessment. Once a needs assessment is made, direction on how to address those needs is your school improvement plan.


5.  Who approves of the SIP?

1001.452 (replacing 229.58) Title XLVIII District And School Advisory Councils.-
(1)(a) "The school advisory council shall be the sole body responsible for final decisionmaking at the school relating to implementation of the provisions of ss. 1001.42(16) and 1008.345.

1001.42 (16)(b) "Approval process.--Develop a process for approval of a school improvement plan presented by an individual school and its advisory council.."


6.  SAC voted to have a two-year plan.  Does that mean we do not vote on it again next year? 

1001.42 (16)(a) requires school boards to  "Annually approve and require implementation of a new, amended, or continuation school improvement plan for each school in the district,..."

"Because student performance and budgets change annually, your board may approve continuation plans in June and expect amended plans by August, September, or some other fixed date to ensure that the school always has an active plan in place that moves students forward. Some districts have five-year plans or three-year plans with annual "updates". Long range planning certainly makes sense to me personally when we are talking about student performance; and using the most current data would mean that some activities might need modification on an annual (or sooner) basis. Check your local policies for exact directions on this." ---Andrea Willett, DOE, Office of School Improvement

7.  Where can I find new ideas or review on various educational strategies?
Fantastic Page! - DOE links - Assessment, Block Scheduling, Charter Schools, Class Size, Cooperative Learning, Data Analysis, Education (sorry, link is no longer available)


8.  What does the law say about waivers and local decision-making? 

1001.42  Powers and Duties of the School Board: 
(17.a.) "Adopt policies that clearly encourage and enhance maximum decisionmaking appropriate to the school site. Such policies must include guidelines for schools in the adoption and purchase of district and school site instructional materials and technology, staff training, school advisory council member training, student support services, budgeting, and the allocation of staff resources."
(17b.)  "Adopt waiver process policies to enable all schools to exercise maximum flexibility and notify advisory councils of processes to waive school district and state policies."  

9.  How do I access my school's School Improvement Plan?
1.    Type in or click to this page: https://www.floridacims.org/
2.    From the drop down menu, select your school district, select type of plan
(SIP or NCLB or District Improvement & Assistance) and then the school.  Note: You will not need to login. The login is for those that create the plan and of course they would not want us messing with it! This takes tons of work so I certainly agree with that protection level.
3.   Click on the link in the red table on the right side (under the login box) "School Improvement Plan"

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