School Advisory Council Self Evaluation Form

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Key:    SAC = School Advisory Council       SIP = School Improvement Plan        Council = School Advisory Council


PART  I -  MEMBERSHIP (ss 1001.452)



 1. a majority (51%) of the members of the council persons not employed by the school? Yes No
 2. teachers who were selected by teachers? Yes No
 3. education support employees who were elected by education support employees? Yes No
 4. students who were elected by students?
(mandatory for Vo-tech & high school students; optional for middle; no elementary)
Yes No
 5. parents who were elected by parents? Yes No
 6. business and community representatives selected in accordance with procedures established by the school board? Yes No
 7. at least one member with no children in school? Yes No
 8. representation of the ethnic, racial, and economic community served by the school? Yes No
 9. were appointments to SAC membership in accordance with procedures developed by the School Board as provided for in Section 229.58? Yes No

PART II: Duties, Responsibilities, Requirements [ss. 1001.452 & 286.011]


Did the Council .... 

 1. have the words “school advisory council” in its name? Yes No
 2. fill SAC positions & vacancies using the process of election and selection outlined in School Board Policy or SAC bylaws? Yes No
 3. conduct meetings in accordance with Sunshine State Law (Title XIX Public Business Chapter 286)? Yes No
 4. schedule meetings when parents, students, teachers, business persons, and members of the community can attend? Yes No
 5. require at least 3-days' advance notice in writing to all members of the advisory council of any matter that is scheduled to come before the council for a vote. Yes No
 6. require a quorum to be present before a vote may be taken by the school advisory council? (A majority of the membership of the council constitutes a quorum.) Yes No
 7. recording minutes of meetings? Yes No
 8. replace any member who has two unexcused consecutive absences from a school advisory council meeting that is noticed according to the procedures in the bylaws? Yes No
 9. use a portion of the appropriated finds for implementing the school improvement plan? Yes No
10. assist in the preparation and evaluation of the school improvement plan? Yes No
11. assist in the preparation of the school's annual budget required pursuant to state statutes? Yes No

PART III: Effectivene & Involvement of SAC


(KEY 2) 1 = no involvement 3 = some involvement 5 = total involvement
(KEY 3) 1 =  ineffective 3 = somewhat effective 5 = very effective
1. How effective was SAC in advertising meetings to the public? (Key 3)
1   2   3   5
2. How effective was the council in involving members and the public at council meetings? (Key 3)
1   2   3   5
3. How involved was SAC in determining how school improvement funds was spent during the school-year?  (Key 2)
1   2   3   5
4. How involved was the SAC in the preparation & evaluation of the school improvement plan (SIP)? (Key 2)
 1   2   3   5
5. How involved was SAC in assisting the principal in the school's annual budget? (Key 2)
 1   2   3   5
6. How effective was SAC providing input to the principal and otherwise open lines of communication between the home and the school? (Key 3)
 1   2   3   5
7. How effective was SAC in selecting and working toward objectives for this year?"  (Key 3)
 1   2   3   5
8. Did the council reference specific portions of the minutes that document the decision-making process for the expenditure of funds and other council decisions?  (Key 3) Yes No
9. Number of council members      
10. Number of meetings held this year   
11. Average length of SAC meetings
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