No Child Left Behind - notes

8 Subgroups are looked at
  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Hispanic
  4. Asian
  5. American Indian
  6. ESOL (Non-English speaking students) (Limited English Proficient - LEP)
  7. Students with Disabilities
  8. Economically Disadvantaged

95% of Students must be tested

Alternate assessment and alternate standards.  Otherwise all students are evaluated equally.  They all must pass the same standards (i.e. FCAT).  Severely disabled students may have a different assessment - remember that only 1% of students currently qualify for a different assessment.

Proficiency Standards set by each state.  Florida considers level 3 proficient

AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) is a C or better
  • Students are not matched equally across the nation. 
  • Each state has its own assessment (one state may have a far harder test than another state),
  • Each state has its own measure of what is proficient. 
  • Each state has set a size for groups - so a state with a group size of 20 may not use a certain subgroup because its size is smaller than that standard.  i.e. a subgroup of 19 "purple" students may not count for AYP even though their scores were at level 1 and 2 if that state's group size is 20, (they just are not counted); however, in another state, the same subgroup may count because that state's minimum group size is 15.  There is no standard for grouping.

Florida changes 2005:  Subgroups minimums 30 to 100 students.  The amount depends on if that subgroup equals 15% of the students tested.  (i.e.  Students in school taking test is 1000.  15% of that would be 150 students.  A subgroup could then total 100 (the maximum is 100).  So if you had 90 students in a subgroup (like ESE),  those results would not be counted in NCLB. 

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