Frequently Requested Forms & Files to Share

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updated on 12.07.2017


** Important

1.** FL State Statutes regarding SAC -  "easy-print" PDF format - rev. 01/2014
contains ss1001.452 SAC Membership/Accountability/School Improvement Plan, General Appropriations, ss.1008.36 School Recognition Funds; ss.286.011Sunshine Laws; ss.1012.01 Defining school employees,  ss.104.22 State Lotteries, ss.1001.42 Monitoring of SAC; Legal Opinions,
2.** SAC Basics POWERPOINT Presentation
3. Templates: (Microsoft Word formatting so you can adjust to meet your SAC's needs:
4. School Acronyms & Definitions
5. Roberts Rules of Order Chart (nice one page synopsis)
6. Sample of Election Process used by Volusia County
7. All District Policies regarding Elementary Students as SAC members
**8. 2007 Auditor General Reports Research regarding SAC membership - SI Funds, Gov't in Sunshine
Combined Report of 2007 + earlier 2004 Report on SAC, SI funds & Reward audit problems
Auditor General School District Audit Report Synopsis - SAC compliance issues (101kb size)

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