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Before I start... I need to thank Nicolas LaCognata for his assistance in fixing my drop down menus this April of 2015.  Nicolas is a talented young high school student at Countryside High.  Navigation is now working nicesly as a result!    Thank you Nicholas!

Why the website?
Several years ago while serving on a SAC, I had questions and concerns... and no central place to find answers.  As I researched issues, I took notes of what, where, how, etc....   These SAC resource pages were the end result of my notes. 

The information continually grows as I, or others, alert me to new information.  My answers are usually backed by state law.  I also research through the State Attorney General Sunshine Law site, the Auditor General's site, and other resources.  If I am unsure of a question, I will contact DOE or other resources.  Of course, sometimes the answer is found only in the individual school district policy or guidelines or school bylaws. I hope you find the site easy to naviagate and contain the answers you are looking for.  Welcome to my notebook/website!

If you have any questions, comments or need to contact me in person, please EMAIL ME. If you see any errors (broken links, spelling, etc...), please alert me to them so I may correct them!

About the Author

This is my hardest page to write because it is about the author of this site (me!); however, I am often asked about my qualifications and this will answer that question.  Now, the hard part, who am I? 

I am a wife and mother, married, 42+ years, have 4 children (all FL graduates), and 10 grandchildren (High School, Middle Schools, Elementary Schools, PreSchool, and toddlers!).  I have been volunteering in Florida Public Schools since 1988.  My involvement began in Broward County as a school advisory committee member and part of  district advisory.  This was before statutes created School Advisory Councils throughout Florida. 

I have been a School Advisory Council member in Pinellas since 1991 - participating at elementary, middle and high school levels - sometimes all three levels in a school year!  I do believe that SAC can make a difference in every school to increase student achievement for all children.  I have been an officer in SAC for most years either as secretary, co-chair or chairperson.  I currently do not serve on any school SAC but have been active helping parents, teachers, staff, and district administrators throughout Florida.

My experience also includes membership of PSACA - as a member, a board member and part of the executive board either as secretary or vice-president. 

On the state level, I became one of the first members of FL-SAC, an online newsgroup sharing information regarding SAC.  I currently am Vice-President of FL-SAC.

In 2001, I successfully completed the Florida Department of Education, Division of Professional Educators, "School Advisory Council Trainer Preparation" course.  This was a two-day course in June which I enjoyed and learned along with other district administrators and parents from across the state.

As testimony to my belief that learning is life long and no one is too old to learn...I have taught myself computer skills which include building computers, learning new programs, photo restoration & archiving digitally those photos, DVD movies...the list goes on.  I remember when we had our first computer - an IBM back in Windows 3.1 days when I would beg my sons to turn it on or off for me!  I have come a long way!

Learning continues throughout our lives and we should actively seek that knowledge.  I believe that "learning is a life-long adventure!"                             ~ Theresa McCormick

Help:  If you have problems that cannot be sorted out at the school or district level and need assistance or information, you may contact:
    Bureau of School Improvement
Contacts: Jenna Evans and Jessica Shiver
Phone: 850-245-0426



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