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updated on 11.08.2017

Help:  If you have problems that cannot be sorted out at the school or district level and need assistance or information, you may contact: 

Bureau of School Improvement
Jessica Shiver
Tel: 850-245-0426; email: bsi@fldoe.org
SAC information: 

Continuous Improvement Management System (CIMS) was developed by the Bureau of School Improvement (BSI) to provide districts and schools with an online platform for collaborative planning and problem solving.  Here are SAC documents from their webpage https://www.floridacims.org/downloads (click on "toolkit" in the black menu bar, then submenu category "SAC"):

2/10/17 correspondance with BSI office....
1) ...SACs are required by law to assist in the preparation and evaluation of the school improvement plan pursuant to section 1001.42. The establishment of a separate committee is, therefore, unnecessary and would be in direct conflict with statutory requirements. Furthermore, it was stated in the December and January SAC minutes that the SIP “has not yet been approved by the State.” This is a common misconception we have encountered – pursuant to section 1001.42 (18), F.S., it is the responsibility of each district school board to approve SIPs – not the State. SACs should have access to the SIP throughout the school year in order to assist in its development."

2) After the disbursement of school recognition funds, districts will receive the full $5.00 per FTE students to be used at the discretion of each SAC for implementing the school improvement plan. An additional $12 per student (estimation) will be sent to the districts for the purposes of educational enhancements. School recognition funds are set to be disbursed in March or April of 2017 – school improvement funds will be disbursed around May or June. More information about funding is addressed in the SAC FAQ, Section 1, Questions 9 and 10. Please note that school improvement funds may not be used for capital improvements or any project or program that has a duration of more than one year; however, a SAC may independently determine to continue funding a program or project formerly funded with these funds in a subsequent year.

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