5 Star School Award

updated on 11/08/2017

The 5 Star School Application


DOE brochure re: parent involvement

The 5 Star School Award is a prestigious award from the Florida Department of Education.  The criteria has several components in a school receiving the award.  Once of the components addresses SAC.  This award steers the school towards a partnership with parents and the community.  One of the criteria that SACs need to succeed is training to be effective School Advisory Councils. 

Here are the criteria that addresses SAC:
  V. School Advisory Council - School Advisory Council/School Decision Making

 a. ___ A minimum of 8 meetings are held per year. Average 80% attendance of members.

b. ___ Annual presentation of School Improvement Plan to school community after public notice to all stakeholders (school marquee, flyers, etc.) is made.

c. ___ Evidence of ongoing training and/or development of the School Advisory Council is available.

d. ___ School Improvement Plan reflects one new idea that involves the community in its implementation.

e. ___ School Advisory Council participated in the development and/or interpretation of the needs assessment data.

f. ___ Training provided for staff and SAC members on collaborative partnering and shared decision-making.


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